Bath AutoCross


Rally Preparation Services Ltd Autocross
Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June 2019


Bath Motor Club came back into running Autocross with a bang with a fantastic double header at Long Newnton. The competitor feedback has been good even if the weather on the Sunday did take a turn for the worse.

Thank you to all the marshals, timekeepers and organisers that made the event a success.

John Rigden on his way to FTD. ( )

John Rigden on his way to FTD. (

Congratulations to John Rigden for FTD and to all the other class winners. Full results for both days are available below.

Photos from both days are available at

Bath Motor Club welcomes you to take part in their Rally Preparation Services Autocross, a new edition to the 2019 ASWMC 1st Choice Finishes Autocross Championship.

We have secured a large field adjoining the old airfield at Long Newnton, Near Tetbury, a first for this venue to hold an Autocross. It’s large enough for us to run a demanding yet fast 1300 metre course.

If you’ve never tried Autocross and wonder what it’s about - Have a look at our FAQs

Bath Motor Club has a distinguished history with AutoCross back to the early 70's with luminaries such as Peter Gould (Mini) Peter Maslen (Mini) and Roger Brunt (mini) leading the charge.

Further stories from the club's AutoCross history are available HERE.