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Summer Autosolo - 21st August 2016

Sunday saw another successful Autosolo at Kemble in very good weather, until the very last test which saw some rain. As you can see in the results some of the drivers relished the slippery conditions.

A full set of 4 courses were laid out, including a new "nadgery" bit on some greasy concrete which increased the variety.

A new name to Autosolo was Sam Williams in his Scooby, who took overall honours. Sam admitted that he had got the bug back, having decided not to sell the car after not competed for some 6 years or so.

Congratulations also go to our own Ben Griffin in his very quick Peugeot who was the fastest in the Clubmans event and a very creditable 6th. overall.

The Summer Autosolo was also the nominated inter-association round with teams from the ASWMC, ACSMC and AWMMC competing. The winners were the ACSMC team beating the AWMMC team by 11.9 seconds.

Sunday saw another successful Autosolo at Kemble in very good weather, until the very last test which saw some rain. As you can see in the results some of the drivers relished the slippery conditions.

A full set of 4 courses were laid out, including a new "nadgery" bit on some greasy concrete which increased the variety.

A new name to Autosolo was Sam Williams in his Scooby, who took overall honours. Sam admitted that he had got the bug back, having decided not to sell the car after not competed for some 6 years or so.

Congratulations also go to our own Ben Griffin in his very quick Peugeot who was the fastest in the Clubmans event and a very creditable 6th. overall.

The Summer Autosolo was also the nominated inter-association round with teams from the ASWMC, ACSMC and AWMMC competing. The winners were the ACSMC team beating the AWMMC team by 11.9 seconds.

Many thanks to Mike Summerfield, Jerry Pennell, Cathy Dyer, Mark Dunkerley, Geoff Sutton, Duncan Stonier, Nick Chapman, Dave and Doreen Richards, Steve Connor, Richard Batt,  Graham Dolpheide, Dick and Alice Pease.

Mike Patton

Summer Autosolo - 21st Aug 2016

Entries are now open for the Summer Autosolo at Kemble airfield on Sunday 21st August.

Autosolos are a timed tarmac course open to all road going cars. There is no requirement for modifications to the car so it is a great way of getting your first taste of competitive motorsport.

Details and current entries are on the dedicated Autosolo page HERE.




Contact Mike Patton

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Summer Quiz 2016
8:00 PM20:00

Summer Quiz 2016

On Monday August 8th Dave and Diane Whittock put on an excellent and enjoyable quiz evening at The Rose and Crown, Hinton Charterhouse with questions on general knowledge, geography and motor sport that stirred a good few grey cells in the brain.

In total 8 teams competed made up of a good number club members.

The results are shown below.

1             Geoff Sutton, Andy Lowe and Jerry Pennell                      109.5

2             Mark Dunkerley & Martin Moore                                        95.5

3             Mike Perkins, CarenzaEllery  & Nick Chapman                 93

4             Mike Burrows & Peter Blackett                                            88

5             Mike Patton Dick & Alice Pease                                           86

6             Steph & Ross Whittock                                                          85.5

7             Keith Wilson, Derek & Mark Gainey                                   82.5

8             Ron & Sheila Biles                                                                   63.5

Hosted by Dave and Ross Whittock the summer quiz is a good fun way to test out your motorsport knowledge.

Start at 8 pm. There will be no entry fee. Food will be available if ordered. Please contact Dave Whittock on if you require food.  Please come and join us.

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Treasure Hunt
6:30 PM18:30

Treasure Hunt

  • Saint Stephen's Place Trowbridge, England, BA14 8AH United Kingdom (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Bath Motor Club Treasure Monday July 11th in Trowbridge.

Thank you to all of you for coming out to have your legs stretched and brains teased. I am delighted that we had such a good spread of results, as follows:

Geoff Sutton as part of Team 2 has sent a short piece on the evenings proceedings.

Bath Motor Club-  Tour de Trowbridge

Club night on Monday July 11th saw us away from our usual venue at The Rose and Crown and on location in Trowbridge for the annual walking treasure hunt ably organised this year by Mike Burrows.

Unlike last year when the location was Frome and umbrellas were the order of the day we were blessed with a fine mild evening. Nine teams of two, three or four people converged on the open air top floor of the multi-storey car park to meet up with the organiser and receive our roadbook (footpath book?), list of clues and map of the town to give us guidance.

Once recovered from the dizziness of driving round in circles to reach the sixth level of the car park we set off on foot via the staircase to ground level and the start of the course.

The route took us along footpaths through the very pleasant nearby park, through quiet evening streets and the town’s main churchyard to the pedestrianised town centre where one or two rarely visited nooks and crannies were included. We were then directed back to the park via a different route and to the finish which was - you’ve guessed it- up many flights of stairs to the top floor of the car park.

Questions to answer came thick and fast and in some places we found that more than one answer could be found at the same point. Along the way we came across other teams who were also scratching their heads at some of the clues but overall the level was well balanced and each team managed to get a good proportion of the clues sorted.

As always on events like this one or two incidents remain in the memory at the finish. In the park we were met by a young lad eager to help us with his local knowledge but, when shown the paperwork, looked rather puzzled and decided that he had other things to do.

In one of the narrower town alleys we were asked to decide where we would be given a warm welcome. This turned out to be a sign in the window of the local adult shop although, as it was out of hours (I presume), we were not given the chance to see whether the welcome would be as warm as promised.

Earlier another team was observed to be in earnest discussion with a young lady who was also offering advice on the clues. This happened outside an open-all-hours booze shop and it was obvious that the said lady(?) had been a good customer of the shop as her advice was given in a very loud and incomprehensible form.

To illustrate how easy it is to overlook the obvious, at one stage we were pondering on the question of what and how many things were guarding the PCs. After several minutes I realised that I was leaning on one of the items - a post , one of three, planted in the ground outside a computer shop and aptly named sentinels.

At the end of the brain and leg work we all moved on to a local hostelry to compare notes and await Mike’s announcement of the results. To complete the excellent fun event we were all served with sausage and chips in a basket which went down very well after the evening’s exercise.

Thanks very much to Mike for working hard to give us an enjoyable evening’s entertainment.

Geoff Sutton

Please contact Mike by email to let him know if you can join in as he needs to know the number of entrants to arrange the food on

  Walking Treasure Hunt Monday 11th July 2016 - Trowbridge

Start Venue: Multi-Storey Car Park (Free) - Top Floor if dry, Next to Top Floor if wet.

Signing on 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Start: 7:30 pm

Finish in Car Park by 9:30, then move to The Lamb

Sausage & Chips will be served.

Entry fee: £10 for 2 people in a Team: includes Sausage & Chips at The Lamb: if extra members in the same team then £3.50 per member (for food).

Location Details:

Start & Finish of Treasure Hunt at:

The Car Park
St Stephen's Place
Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 8AH

Venue for Results andRelax:

The Lamb, Mortimer St, Trowbridge BA14 8BN

Car Park for The Lamb on the built up traffic island, across from The Lamb.

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7:00 PM19:00


On Monday evening June 9th the Bath Motor Club Gymkhana was held at Kilima Farm, Naish Hill, the home of John and Liz Stratton who let us play with our motor cars on their nice smooth camping field.

This year there was a splendid entry of 17 cars who undertook the various devious driving tasks that had been set before us.


1. Peter Hine         = 679 penalties

2.Ross Whittock    =717.90

3.= Martin Moore    = 722

      Andy Cross

5. Vic Wright          =745

6. Simon Bush        =810

7.Jerry Pennell       =824

8. Donna Williams  = 904

9. Peter Blackett    = 930

10. Dave Whittock  =981

11. Mike Burrows    = 1007

12. Paul Simmons   = 1011

13. Dave Williams  = 1015.5

14. Duncan Stonier  = 1033

15. Mark Dunkerley  = 1040.5

16. Keith Wilson      =1167

Rtd Carenza Ellery

Peter Hines in the Morgan was the winner and Donna Williams in the family MG Midget for the Best Lady. A bottle of plonk was presented to each. Well done both. 

The evening was fine and balmy and proceedings started at 7 pm. The entry ranged from a smart Mini, two top of the range Porsche's, a lovely Morgan, a Mitsubishi Evo 8, two Mazda MX5,s, a Land Rover Discovery, a Ford Racing Puma and various family saloons.

Test 1 was a series of cones set in a clover leaf that had to be circulated in a clockwise fashion whilst holding in one hand a tennis racquet of very dubious vintage and balancing a tennis ball. The tennis ball, of course, was not to be dropped during these manouvres. This had to be attempted three times in all. Quickest at this test was Mike Burrows in the racing Puma on 54 seconds.     

Test 2 was in an adjacent field that had a distinct slope. We were allowed to play a bit here and controlling wheel spin was not easy. Three rings were to be collected from the top of a cone and then delivered one at a time to three other cones set down the said slope. They then had to be collected and replaced back on the top of the original cone. Duncan Stonier's Porsche demonstrated that more power than grip is very common moist on long grass as well as terminal understeer when the brakes are applied in a hurry. Best here were Paul Simmons in the Mitsubishi Evo 8 (obviously in 4WD mode) and Peter Hine's Morgan on 84 seconds. This test was also attempted three times.

Mike Patton took charge of the parallel parking test which was Test 3, again attempted three times. You were confronted with a box designated by plastic water containers and you had to adjust the front and rear of the box to back your respective machine into the box without touching the cones. This to be done inside a minute.It would probably be better to draw a veil over this test as no less than 8 people failed either to get into the box or hit a marker. This writers first attempt drew a fail with a hit marker, the second attempt incurred a fail with not getting into the box but Mike Patton being the generous soul that he is, took pity and gave me 59 seconds! and sort of overlooked the fact that I had two wheels outside the box. At my last attempt Mike suggested I was parking a tank rather than a Ford Focus but I did manage it successfully at last!

The piece de resistance was Chris Stratton,s offering on Test 4. This test was attempted twice. You were confronted with a nice piece a smooth cut grass and the object was with the aid of a large or small polo/croquet mallet hit a polo ball up the said strip, through a hoop and back again to hit a cone with the polo ball at the finish. This writer obviously needs more practice in his croquet skills and also the need to engage brain and read the instructions and realise that in croquet the object is to hit the ball through the hoop rather than around it. I think that this test caused more amusement/frustration than any of them. The best at this test, by a country mile, was Mark Dunkerley on 44 seconds. But he did admit that he had had a dabble at some form of polo before.

We then retired to the barn for refreshments and hard luck stories of how it should have be done.

A great fun evening and many thanks to John, Liz and Chris for doing all the work in putting it on. Many thanks to Liz Stratton, Cathy Dyer, Dave and Doreen Richards for looking after the catering arrangements.

No it's not a horsey event and neither is it as extreme as a Ken Block drift video but the club gymnkhana is a great chance to get your first taste of club motorsport.

A gymnkhana is a series of challenges laid out around the fields of the Stratton's farm which sees you attempting challenges as diverse as grass slaloms, penalty shoot-outs and blindfold driving.

Non-damaging and suitable for all levels, just bring a sense of fun.

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Mendip Meander 2016
2:00 PM14:00

Mendip Meander 2016

Mendip Meander 3 - Sunday May 22nd 2016

On Sunday May 22nd 13 crews assembled at The Rose and Crown Hinton Charterhouse at around 2 pm for the third edition of Geoff Sutton's Mendip Meander. 

The machinery used was quite varied ranging from Peter and Linda Maslen's Morris Eight Tourer, Taff and Sarah Evans in Triumph 2000 both fully laden, Dave and Donna Williams in a MG Midget that required some ministrations before setting out and a good quantity of water added to the radiator overflow tank. Steve Conner was in a LPG fueled  Volvo, Mike Burrows in a Hyundhai Genesis that had probably not been driven so slowly for ages, Colin and Helen Gale in a Ford XR3 convertible and Vic and Jeni Wright in an MGB. Yours truly and Andy Cross were is a very mundane Ford Focus as Rodney the Riley had a dynamo that was not charging. 

We were met by Geoff, Pat and Martin and were handed out our instructions for the afternoon and told that we could start in our own time. 

The first section consisted of tulip diagrams that took us to cross the A36 Warminster Road and then via Farleigh Hungerford to Rode, Rudge and the fringes of Westbury all the while keeping eagle eyes spotted fro likely clues along the route. My accomplice Andy Cross said to me, "Does Geoff do anagrams?". "I don.t think so" I replied. But he did and on more than one occasion. We stopped and chatted to various crews as we searched on foot for the less obvious clues before finished the section and then traversed Westbury and climbed up to the Westbury White Horse and stopped for a breather and a hard earned Cadbury's 99 Flake at the car park

After this short break it was on to Section 2 which took us back to the finish at The Barge Inn at Seend via various spot heights. The clues seemed no less easy to find as we passed through Steeple Ashton and passed Jerry Pennell,s abode where we were predictably were asked to name the colour of his front door, to Bulkington and then via a very narow lane around the back to Seend Cleeve to the finish at The Barge Inn at Seend Bridge. There we were fed very well whilst we awaiting the results being calculated by Geoff and team. 

It had been a very well organised and thoroughly enjoyable afternoon out and very many thanks to Geoff, Pat and Martin for putting it on.

When the results were announced it appeared that there was a dead heat on 41 points between Colin and Jan Knott form Weston Super Mare Motor Club and Mike McNulty and Mark Dunkerley from Bath Motor Club. Geoff was all prepared for this eventuality and produced three more tie breaking questions to be answered by the two crews. Even then it was only on the last question that Colin and Jan came out on top. Well done indeed.

Start: Rose and Crown at Hinton Charterhouse 2PM onwards

Finish: Barge Inn at Seend, ~5PM (Food available)

Entry Fee: £6

Entry by contacting Geoff Sutton on gsu180 at

Make a note in your diary to join us for the third Mendip Meander to be run in the afternoon of the date above. The first two were well received and proved to be fun events for those taking part.

The format hopes to take crews around the countryside on an unhurried, untimed drive to areas that they might otherwise not visit. The route to be followed is described in a straightforward form - mainly tulip diagrams but with variations thrown in. To provide a competitive element crews are required to look out for certain features along the way
which relate to the list of questions given at the start. The crew able to interpret the clues and answer the most correctly are deemed the winners.

Food and drink will be available at the start and finish venues (more info later) although this will be up to individuals to arrange. Competitors may leave the start at any time between 2pm and 3pm. The total length of the drive will be about 20/25 miles and should take a couple of hours.

As mentioned above this is not a high speed competitive event but rather one for the family to join in with. Husbands, wives, partners, offspring, friends etc. are all welcome. The entry fee will be £6 per car to cover paperwork and permit fees. Look out for more details via your inbox in forthcoming issues of “Bath MC News and Forthcoming Events”.

Geoff Sutton

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Jogularity Rally
1:00 PM13:00

Jogularity Rally


Dry with a fair amount of fine weather for the afternoon navigation rally. With 9 starters from the Orchardleigh Golf Club facing 42 miles on tulip road book, 6 time controls and 7 passage controls.

Everyone finished and had a good time, with 20 members staying on investing in a two course carvery at the finish.

Big thanks to the following marshals. Richard Batt, Mike Patton, Dick & Alice Pease and Graham Dolpheide.

The final results were:

Start & Finish: Orchardleigh Golf Club, Frome, Somerset, BA11 2PH

Times: Signing on from 13:00, first car away 14:01. Results approx. 17:15.

My aim for this event is to have a winner (only one second parted first and second last year) but also make it a social event with time for fun. Therefore we have decided to run it on a Sunday afternoon starting at 14.00hrs, using roads safe to do so and at speeds compatible to the daylight conditions.

In addition we have also arranged the availability of an optional Sunday lunch at the finish (around 16.30 hrs) for those who have worked up an appetite.

The event will run as jogularity, meaning you will be issued with route instructions in a road book complete with marked maps in case you get lost, giving you inter and total mileages, in line with your normal speedometer in your car (no trip meter required) landmark and/or junctions and information, plus the time you should arrive at that point. What we will do is to set up intermediate and time controls at certain landmarks and you need to arrive on time. For lateness or early arrival you will collect penalties.

There are plenty of you with old and new cars that could enter this event and have lots of fun, followed by a carvery and a pint at the finish.      

The complete route will be timed at average speeds from 15mph to 30 mph. The idea is to encourage Bath and neighbouring club members to use any form of transport to have a go. This is simple straightforward navigation, easy to achieve average speeds with the need to concentrate and follow the correct route.

For more details contact whittock at


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9:30 AM09:30


Spring Autotest


Congratulations go to Ernie Burles for FTD and to Connor Argyle for winning the 4-way battle in the PCA class.

A big thank you to our marshals, Lynn who collated the results throughout the day, Keith, Lee, David, Sean, Michael, Pete and John who helping during the day.

Our next tarmac Autotest is scheduled for the 25th September at our usual venue of the Warminster Moto services. Regs will appear here when available.

Mark Dunkerley (CofC)

p.s. Photos of the Autotest will appear on soon.

Spring Autotest being run by Mark Dunkerley with tests by Ernie Burles.

Aiming to use a new venue at Kemble airfield for the autotest this spring.

We will be running classes for Nat B, Clubmans and a Production Car Autotest (PCA).

For the PCA, it will be forwards only and you will need a passenger to show you which way to go.

Details on on

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Festival Rally
to Feb 28

Festival Rally

  • White Horse Country Park (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The annual Bath Festival Rally, starting from the now traditional venue of the White Horse Country Park, nr. Devizes this will be a full-on navigational challenge for some of the top crews in the UK on maps 172 and 183.

Make sure to get your entries in early and feel free to contact Ross Whittock for further details.

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New Year Scatter
7:00 PM19:00

New Year Scatter

RESULTS - January Navigational Scatter - 8th Jan 2016

O/A Driver Navigator Points
1st Steve Connor Martin Moore
2nd Giles Pursey Mark Dunkerley
3rd Dave Whittock Steph Whittock
4th Georgina Clark Gavin Rogers
5th Mike Burrows Nick Chapman
6th Ben Griffin Andrew Lowe
7th Diane Whittock Ross Whittock
8th Pete Elkins George Mullins

Eight crews took part in the January Scatter, organised very well by Mike Patton and John Earl.

Most navigators found it harder than it first looked, but at the finish stories and banter was the order. George Mullins a past Festival winner, this time navigating Pete Elkins found the going not to his liking which showed in the results.

Ross Whittock this time navigating for his mother, brave lad, had an adventurous evening when the Landrover they were competing in cried enough, so Ross legged it home to collect the ever faithful Rover, first to tow in the Landrover then continue to complete the Scatter.

Both Martin and Mark were on the case but mention must also go to Steph Whittock who on her first time on the maps navigated her dad into third position.


Mike Patton and John Earl are organising a Navigational Scatter starting and finishing at The Rose & Crown, Hinton Charterhouse.

There is no official route and no time controls so navigation is much easier, and when you do find the clues you will be using some of the best roads in the area.

This is a perfect event for beginners requiring only a car, a willing friend to map read, copies of maps 172 & 183 (spares available) and some basic stationary.


Contact details for Mike Patton are included in the regulations.

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Xmas Quiz
8:00 PM20:00

Xmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz Results

Many thanks to all those who came along to the Christmas Quiz evening on the 14th December at The Rose and Crown Hinton Charterhouse.

We had 14 teams competing and the top crew on the evening were John Griffiths/Dave Shields and Chris Darbyshire.

O/A Team Points
1st John Griffiths/Dave Shields/Chris Darbyshire 231
2nd Team Mini Van (Paul Waterton/Johhny Curtis/Carenza Ellery) 223
3rd Dave Fussell & Nick 220
4th Mark Dunkerley & Giles Pursey 216
5th Team Ecurie Cymraeg (Gordon Hick/Steve Durbin/Arnie) 206
6th Team Whittock ( Dave/Diane/Steph) 204
7th Tim & John 203
7th Nick Chapman & Mike Burrows 203
7th Peter Blackett & Martin Moore 203
8th Dave & Jill Hansford 182
9th Mike Patton/Dick Pease/Mike Perkins 169
10th Jerry Pennell & Geri Swann-Price 166
11th Team Kermit (Dave & Donna Williams & Colin Gale) 143
12th Geoff & Pat Sutton 127

Start at 8 pm sharp.

There will be questions on general knowledge, motor sport, and a few other things to test your grey cells. Please come along and join us for a good social evening.

There will be no entry fee. Sausages, chips and rolls will be available at 9 pm for those who feel hungry for a minimal fee.

Contact Keith Wilson

Round of the Club Championship

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12 Car - Cancelled
7:00 PM19:00

12 Car - Cancelled

Watertons Wanderings 12 Car Navigational Rally

Sadly Paul has had to cancel the rally due to insufficient entries, the next road event will be Mike Patton's New Year Scatter on 8th January.


Start and finish at The Rose & Crown, Hinton Charterhouse

40 miles route

Easy plotting to start progressing to ***** tulips, spot heights, map refs, and anything else I can come up with.

So novices can at least get past halfway.. experts may get to the finish

Panic envelopes provided to all

Novices given all the route at signing on.

All on 172

Quick results

Contact details for Paul Waterton are listed in the REGULATIONS.

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8:00 PM20:00


CANCELLED Circuit of Bath Navigational Rally



The event will start at Tucker’s Grave Inn, Faulkland MR: 172, 751 551¾ and finish at The Rose and Crown, Hinton Charterhouse MR: 172, 772 584

       The programme of the event will be as follows:-

19:00        Signing on opens

19:35        Signing on closes  

19:40        Competitor's briefing.

20:00        Start Time of Car 0

22:15        Approximate finish time of first car.

Maps 172 and 173 will be required

Contact Mike Burrows

Round of the 2015/16 Club Championship


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Table Top Rally
8:00 PM20:00

Table Top Rally


Thank you to everyone that came out for the Tabletop rally on October 12th.

A lot of head scratching was required after Mark Dunkerley set a challenging route but it was an enjoyable night ahead of the 12 car season starting on the 6th November. The final results looked like this:





Pete Blackett




1st Expert

Dave & Diane Whittock




Mike Burrows




Nick Chapman




Geoff Sutton & Keith Wilson




1st Novice

Mike Patton & Cathy Dyer




Our annual Tabletop rally is the perfect way to dust off those maps and try your hand at rally navigating in preparation for the 12 car season over the winter.

A tabletop takes you through all of the different types of navigation you might see on a 12 car whilst in the comfort of our club house at the Rose & Crown, Hinton Charterhouse.

There will be classes for Experts (You know who you are), Novices (Anyone who's done a 12 car but wants to improve) and Beginners (Anyone who has never tried this before).

As on 12 cars you can work as a pair to plot the route and Mark will be on hand to offer advice and help to the Novices and Beginners (Sorry Experts but you're on your own).

All you need to bring is a pencil, eraser, a sense of fun and a Landranger 172 map.

For any further details contact the organiser - Mark Dunkerley

This is a round of the 2015/16 Club Championship

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9:30 AM09:30


  • B3414 Warminster, BA12 7RU United Kingdom (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


With glorious sunshine and 11 entries, Sunday saw the annual running of the Autumn Autotest at the Moto Services, Warminster.

Coming out on top was Bert Greenway in his self-built Bertone special, beating Carl Dale to the fastest time of the day by 18 seconds. Graham Dolpheide was the fastest of the three novice crews competing in the Forwards only category.

The full results of Sundays Autumn Autotest are available to download on the AUTOTEST PAGE.

Location Warminster Services (BA12 7RU)


Contact Mark Dunkerley

Round of the Club Championship

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