Kemble Targa Rally

Kemble Targa Rally


The Kemble Targa Rally - 11th June 2017

Bath Motor Club is organising for the first time the ‘Kemble Targa Rally’ on Sunday 11th June 2017.

It will be held within the confines of Kemble Airfield and the event will have a number of special tests of between one and two miles in length on a sealed surface.

We look forward to receiving your entry.

Nick Chapman & Dave Whittock

What is a Targa?

A Targa Rally is a cheap single-venue event which involves special tests. There will be a number of one to two mile driving tests set out in different layouts which will vary during the day. Tests will include passage checks and stop and go controls.

The route will be defined by diagrams. Unlike an Autosolo, walking the course is not allowed. It is up to the navigator to ensure the correct route is followed.

The permit for the event means that it is run as a closed-to-Club event, which avoids the need for an MSA competition licence, but means all competitors must produce a club card from the organising club at signing on.

 Drivers must hold a full RTA licence. The minimum age for navigators is 12 years old.

As all the tests are at a single venue, double driving is encouraged. E.g. one competitor can drive with a navigator, then the navigator can drive with the driver navigating either in the same car or different cars. One car may be driven by two different drivers. To ensure there is no advantage the first driver will drive first on the morning tests and second in the afternoon tests.

Cars for the Targa rally must comply with road rally rules.