Motorsport is more diverse and accessible than many would imagine, with many different ways to get involved behind the scenes as well as behind the wheel.

Racing, rallying and karting are well known types of motorsport but they are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of events each year across an array of different disciplines, offering something for every budget and background. These events also rely on thousands of volunteers, who give their time freely in exchange for the best seat in the house.


Motorsport uk Licences

To compete on a Club event, you only require a RS Clubman licence, which is available completely free of charge. You will also need one of these licences to occupy the front passenger seat in any competing car. This licence covers Autosolo, Classic Tours, Navigational events, 12-Car rallies, and Targa rallies.

Only if you are intending to compete in a regional or national championship, would you need to upgrade to a RS Interclub licence and there is a fee payable.

It is not necessary to have a licence for marshalling, but there are marshalling training sessions held at selected venues for those interested.

You can apply for your licence at the MotorSport UK website.


Membership costs only £20/year for one person, £25/year for a family (at the same address).


If you would like to pay by BACS contact our Membership Secretary on the details in the form below.

Becoming a member means that you agree to the following policies.