Tuesday, May 2023

Statement from Dave Whittock the BMC Chairman Dave Whittock

The environment has been on everyone’s mind for some time, more so if you are in industry or even if you run your own small business. Sport worldwide is big and motorsport in particular is not the ‘greenest’ of activities, so we are all under pressure to make this world of ours a cleaner place and to do something positive to stop global warming increasing in the future.

The Club has discussed this off and on for some time now, and we believe we can make a difference without interrupting or changing the basics of our sport, and I suppose with lockdown last and this year, it gave us time to think hard and fast about it, which led to us making a commitment to push forward and implement it before we all start up again.

We can only make small changes to begin with, but over time we can easily prove its worth overall.


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