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Gymkhana - Kilima Farm

  • Kilima Farm 1 Bowden Park Cottages Lacock, England, SN15 2QH United Kingdom (map)



1st Steve Connor with 275 penalties

2nd Steve Macey         284

3rd Martin Moore         311

4th Mike Burrows         328

5th Keith Wilson          386

6th Mark Dunkerley     410

7th Mike Patton           436

8th Kate Connor          471

9th Vic Wright             513

10th Jerry Pennell       560

For more years than I can remember the Stratton family, John, Liz and Chris have organised the annual Bath Motor Club Gymkhana on the beautiful flat field at Kilima Farm that is used for caravans.

This year was no exception and 9 entrants arrived on a bright, sunny evening to see what devious tests of driving manoeuvrability had been organised for us all.

It must be explained that all these tests are very low speed in order to preserve the grass in the field but are also quite devious to curb the entrants desire to set a quick time.

Test 1 manned by Dave Richards consisting of driving around a cone and into a coned box and then getting out of your car and changing over the tyre pressure caps of the front wheels and then reversing back around the cone and into the start box without hitting any of the cones. I think that most people coped with this pretty well although my advanced years did not take too kindly to too much chasing around the front of the Ford Focus in order to swap over the tyre pressure caps.


Test 2 and manned by John Stratton was a touch more devious. You were confronted with a central cone and a ring of 6 cones circled around said central cone. These cones had a tennis ball lodged in the top of each one. From said central cone there was attached a rope from which the seated driver of the car had to hold on to and the circle clockwise around the outer cones and dislodge the tennis balls from each cone. To make matters a little trickier the cones were not equidistant from the central cone. All sorts of results emanated from this test as one particular tennis ball proved very difficult to dislodge. All very good fun.

Test 3 manned by Vic Wright consisted of starting from a line and the applying maximum right hand lock. Vic would adjust a large plastic petrol can to the drivers best estimate of their driving circle. No one that I saw came very close to getting a top results here. Yours truly included.

Test 4 saw one of the campers on site measuring the distance taken from a start to a stake and then stopping as close as one could with the front bumper without touching it.

Test 5 manned by Chris Stratton involved started from a line and then whilst holding a tennis ball balanced in a child’s beach spade out of the window of the car drive in a figure of eight around 5 cones and also crush two empty beer cans with the wheels of the car. This was about as easy to do as it is to explain to you all how to do it.

The Focus managed OK but hit a cone (10 secs Penalty) the first time but failed to get a beer can on the second time and reversed to try to catch it again.

Memo. Read the instructions. No reversing allowed !  

All the tests were attempted twice and then we retired for a cup of tea or beer or soft drink and a Ploughmans buffet.

Many thanks to the all the Stratton’s for the fun and games and also to Dave and Doreen Richards for helping out on the evening.

The results showed that that man Steve Conner was once again the winner.   

It was a good very enjoyable social evening.

No it's not a horsey event and neither is it as extreme as a Ken Block drift video but the club gymkhana is a great chance to get your first taste of club motorsport.

A gymkhana is a series of challenges laid out around a set of fields which sees you attempting challenges as diverse as grass slaloms, penalty shoot-outs and blindfold driving followed by a ploughmans supper.

Non-damaging and suitable for all levels, just bring a sense of fun.

Kilima farm will be arrowed from the road, the postcode is a rough guide with a more accurate location being at 173/939 691.

Although it is on grass, it is only a bit of fun, so please only bring road tyres not knobbly tyres. The field is a campsite the rest of the year and we don't want to tear it up.

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