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Treasure Hunt

Walking Treasure Hunt

Monday 24th July 2017



Starting in the Long Stay Station Car Park in Bradford on Avon, the competitors made their way past Timbrell’s Yard and St Margaret’s Hall to cross the River Avon via the Foot Bridge over to a stroll past St. Laurence Church. Up to this point, clues were all shown on the street plan provided. Making their way up to Newtown they had to find 18 of the 93 questions: many were concerned that they would run out of time.  Mike checked where the leading crews had got to after the first hour and 15 minutes: they were approaching the half-way point, phew! The time allowed, 2 ½ to 3 hours to walk the course should be long enough.... Six of the eight teams managed to visit all the question locations.

Having found Pat and Geoff, near Pete, Linda, Jacky and Ken leading the way nearing the Castle Inn, having walked most of the way up the fairly steep hill, Masons Lane, Mike breathed a sigh of relief.     

Walking back along the route, it wasn’t until Mike got into St Laurence Church Yard that he found the trailing crew, who had unfortunately wandered along the High Street, before realising that they were off route. They had recovered to the route, though.

Many of the teams were asked by locals what they were doing: some thought they must be Estate Agents, walking around with Clip Boards in their hands! One particularly friendly couple on Whitehill were giving the teams clues as to the whereabouts of on or two answers. Later, after they had said they would have loved to do the Treasure Hunt, Mike provided them with route instructions and a set of questions, so they can have a go in their own time: email addresses were exchanged and Mike promised to let them have answers by email once they had attempted the route.

Questions ranged from the straight forward, like “Tight Rope Bridge?” ans. “The Rope Walk” to the obscure: “Luxury, Tailor made, wedding what?” answer required, the name of the Agency “Holidays and Cruises”. Perhaps the most amusing question was “What happened on this site in 1785?”

After getting to Clue 93, which required some knowledge of the World Land Speed Record Holder – Andy Green – to get the answer Shiatsu Massage: a different Andy Green provides this at an Alternative Treatment Clinic, on Church Street, the teams retired to Timbrell’s Yard for a well deserved Pint or Glass of Wine, before dining on Bangers and Mash with Yorkshire Pudding.

A BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE who came and joined in making for a fun evening!

Mike Burrows

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