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Winter 12 Car/ Jogularity

  • King William Inn Tunley BA2 0EB (map)

Friday 1st February 2019

Winter 12 Car

New date and start venue

Due to the change of venue for our club nights and the original route clashing with another event, I have re-scheduled the 12 Car as follows.

Start & Finish at King William, Tunley (MR 172/695¼594½)

Maps: 172 & 183.

First car start: 20:01

Mileage: 45 miles (approx.)

Following on from the popularity of the Jogularity's that Jerry and Nick have organised this year, I wanted to invite crews to the next step in the Road Rallying experience. The same sort of thing, but at night! For those who fancy trying the next step in the ladder of Road Rallying I am also planning on putting on some navigation for you to try.

To cater for all abilities, it is my aim to have the following 4 sets of instructions. You select your type on the entry form in advance.

1. Jogularity Road book - very similar to what Jerry and Nick have used on their event.

2. Mark Map - OS map printed with the route marked on it.

3. Novice - Simple navigation, ie Tulips, Spot heights, Map references, Gridlines. (All the navigation technique will be the same as those used on the Table Top Rally organised by Mark Dunkerley on 16th January, so you will get a chance to practice before hand. I will be on hand at the Table Top to help out if you need it).

4. Expert - same type of navigation, but in a more difficult form, ie ball and arrows missing from tulips, no spacing in the map references / gridlines / spot heights etc, or anything else I can think of to slow the experts down!

The route has been driven already and is passable in my MX5 so any road car will be suitable for the event.

If you have any questions, then please contact me and I will explain anything and everything.

Martin Moore

07515 862233