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Jogularity Rally

Entries will be open soon for the first Jogularity Rally 2018. It will run with a similar format to previous years but in a slightly different area.

Start & Finish: TBC

Times: Signing on from 13:00, first car away 14:01. Results approx. 17:15. (TBC)





Our aim for this event is tomake it a social event with time for fun. Therefore we have decided to run it on a Sunday afternoon starting at 14.00hrs, using roads safe to do so and at speeds compatible to the daylight conditions.

In addition a bunch of us will be staying on for an optional Sunday lunch at the finish (around 16.30 hrs) for those who have worked up an appetite.

The event will run as jogularity, meaning you will be issued with route instructions in a road book complete with marked maps in case you get lost, giving you inter and total mileages, in line with your normal speedometer in your car (no trip meter required) landmark and/or junctions and information, plus the time you should arrive at that point. What we will do is to set up intermediate and time controls at certain landmarks and you need to arrive on time. For lateness or early arrival you will collect penalties.

There are plenty of you with old and new cars that could enter this event and have lots of fun, followed by a carvery and a pint at the finish.      

The complete route will be timed at average speeds from 15mph to 30 mph. The idea is to encourage Bath and neighbouring club members to use any form of transport to have a go. This is simple straightforward navigation, easy to achieve average speeds with the need to concentrate and follow the correct route.

If you have any questions please contact Jerry Pennell on Jerryp52 at