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Spring Autosolo
8:00 AM08:00

Spring Autosolo

Spring AutoSolo - 7th April

Round of the CMSG B.P Motor Body Builders & Engineers Ltd AutoSolo Championship
Round of the BTRDA AutoSolo Championship
Round of the ASWMC AutoSolo Championship
Round of the Vincenzo & Son MX5 Challenge

Entries are now open for the Spring Autosolo at Kemble airfield on Sunday 7th April. The latest info can be found on the AutoSolo page.

Bath MC will once again lay out some flowing courses around the southern part of the former Kemble Airfield.

Autosolos are a timed tarmac course open to all road going cars. There is no requirement for modifications to the car so it is a great way of getting your first taste of competitive motorsport. Bath Motor club has produced a beginners guide to Autosolos HERE if you would like to see what the discipline is all about.


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Kemble Targa Rally 2019
8:00 AM08:00

Kemble Targa Rally 2019

The Kemble Targa Rally - 12th May 2019

Bath Motor Club is once again organising the Kemble Targa Rally on Sunday 12th May 2019.

It will be held within the confines of Kemble and the event will have a number of special tests of between one and two miles in length on a sealed surface.

The course layouts will vary during the day creating an enjoyable competitive days sport.

Don't panic if this is your 1st event, Kemble is a straightforward and smooth venue.

Entries and further details are available on the Kemble Targa Rally Page

Nick Chapman

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Mendip Meander 2019
2:00 PM14:00

Mendip Meander 2019

Mendip Meander   -   19th May 2019

Mendip Meander - on the day 019 (1024x768).jpg

Mendip Meander 6-  Sunday May 19th 2019

Start: TBC

Finish: TBC

Entry Fee: £8

Entry by contacting Geoff Sutton on gsu180 at

Make a note in your diary to join us for the sixth Mendip Meander which will be run in the afternoon of the date above. The first five were well received and proved to be fun social events for those taking part.

The format will take crews around the countryside on an unhurried, untimed drive to areas that they might otherwise not visit.

The route to be followed is described in a straightforward form - mainly by tulip (junction) diagrams. To provide a competitive element crews are required to look out for certain features along the way which relate to the list of questions given at the start. The crew able to interpret the clues and answer the most correctly will be deemed the winners.

The event is classed as a treasure hunt so no special vehicle insurance is required but entrants should make sure that they are covered by their own policy for this type of (non speed) event.

Crews may leave the start at any time between 2pm and 3pm. The total length of the drive will be about 20/25 miles and should take a couple of hours .

As mentioned above this is not a high speed competitive event but rather one for the family to join in with. Husbands, wives, partners, offspring, friends etc. are all welcome.   The entry fee will be £8 per car to cover paperwork, prizes,  permit fees etc. Details of how to enter are given below. Look out for updates in future issues of  “News and Forthcoming Events” emails

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to Jun 2


Bath AutoCross - 1st/2nd June 2019

Bath Motor Club will be returning to the discipline of AutoCross in 2019 with a double header on the 1st/2nd June.

Details are still being worked out but keep an eye out for further details on the AutoCross page.

Bath Motor Club has a distinguished history with AutoCross back to the early 70's with luminaries such as Peter Gould (Mini) Peter Maslen (Mini) and Roger Brunt (mini) leading the charge.

Further stories from the club's AutoCross history are available HERE.

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Gymkhana - Kilima Farm (Date TBC)
7:00 PM19:00

Gymkhana - Kilima Farm (Date TBC)


No it's not a horsey event and neither is it as extreme as a Ken Block drift video but the club gymkhana is a great chance to get your first taste of club motorsport.

A gymkhana is a series of challenges laid out around a set of fields which sees you attempting challenges as diverse as grass slaloms, penalty shoot-outs and blindfold driving followed by a ploughmans supper.

Non-damaging and suitable for all levels, just bring a sense of fun.

Kilima farm will be arrowed from the road, the postcode is a rough guide with a more accurate location being at 173/939 691.

Although it is on grass, it is only a bit of fun, so please only bring road tyres not knobbly tyres. The field is a campsite the rest of the year and we don't want to tear it up.

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Summer Autosolo
8:00 AM08:00

Summer Autosolo

Summer AutoSolo - 4th August - Provisional Date

A provisional date for the Summer AutoSolo at Kemble Airfield. The latest info can be found on the AutoSolo

Autosolos are a timed tarmac course open to all road going cars. There is no requirement for modifications to the car so it is a great way of getting your first taste of competitive motorsport.

Bath Motor club has produced a beginner’s guide to Autosolos HERE if you are thinking of trying the sport out. One of the best ways to get a flavour of the event is to come out and marshal for the day, helping us run the event safely and getting close to the action.


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Festival Targa Rally
11:15 AM11:15

Festival Targa Rally

Entries are now open for the 2019 Festival Targa Rally.

Following last year’s success we have maintained a large element of the route in darkness and finished a bit earlier. We have maintained around 36 miles of tests and given you the opportunity to re-group and re-fuel on two occasions.

The event is a round of the ASWMC Targa Championship of which competitors must enter in the National B class to be eligible for points.

Again we will supply you a road book and a coloured marked map showing you all information. As we are running some of the event in the dark we do put more emphasis on passage and route checks rather than cone manoeuvres. It is fairer on you and the marshals.

Hope you can join us, bring your lights and sense of humour.

The event will need marshals, please sign up early for the best jobs. Contact Mike Patton on 07837 618670.

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Beginners Tabletop Rally & Navigation Tuition
7:30 PM19:30

Beginners Tabletop Rally & Navigation Tuition

Our annual Tabletop rally is the perfect way to dust off those maps and try your hand at rally navigating in a friendly (and stationary) environment.

A tabletop takes you through all of the different types of navigation you might see on a 12 car whilst in the comfort of our club house at the King William, Tunley.

Ahead of the tabletop a number of experts will be doing a quick teach-in to help show beginners the basic elements of navigation. This will start at 19:30.

If you interested and would like to come along please book a place with the organiser - Mark Dunkerley on

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