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Treasure Hunt

  • Saint Stephen's Place Trowbridge, England, BA14 8AH United Kingdom (map)

Bath Motor Club Treasure Monday July 11th in Trowbridge.

Thank you to all of you for coming out to have your legs stretched and brains teased. I am delighted that we had such a good spread of results, as follows:

Geoff Sutton as part of Team 2 has sent a short piece on the evenings proceedings.

Bath Motor Club-  Tour de Trowbridge

Club night on Monday July 11th saw us away from our usual venue at The Rose and Crown and on location in Trowbridge for the annual walking treasure hunt ably organised this year by Mike Burrows.

Unlike last year when the location was Frome and umbrellas were the order of the day we were blessed with a fine mild evening. Nine teams of two, three or four people converged on the open air top floor of the multi-storey car park to meet up with the organiser and receive our roadbook (footpath book?), list of clues and map of the town to give us guidance.

Once recovered from the dizziness of driving round in circles to reach the sixth level of the car park we set off on foot via the staircase to ground level and the start of the course.

The route took us along footpaths through the very pleasant nearby park, through quiet evening streets and the town’s main churchyard to the pedestrianised town centre where one or two rarely visited nooks and crannies were included. We were then directed back to the park via a different route and to the finish which was - you’ve guessed it- up many flights of stairs to the top floor of the car park.

Questions to answer came thick and fast and in some places we found that more than one answer could be found at the same point. Along the way we came across other teams who were also scratching their heads at some of the clues but overall the level was well balanced and each team managed to get a good proportion of the clues sorted.

As always on events like this one or two incidents remain in the memory at the finish. In the park we were met by a young lad eager to help us with his local knowledge but, when shown the paperwork, looked rather puzzled and decided that he had other things to do.

In one of the narrower town alleys we were asked to decide where we would be given a warm welcome. This turned out to be a sign in the window of the local adult shop although, as it was out of hours (I presume), we were not given the chance to see whether the welcome would be as warm as promised.

Earlier another team was observed to be in earnest discussion with a young lady who was also offering advice on the clues. This happened outside an open-all-hours booze shop and it was obvious that the said lady(?) had been a good customer of the shop as her advice was given in a very loud and incomprehensible form.

To illustrate how easy it is to overlook the obvious, at one stage we were pondering on the question of what and how many things were guarding the PCs. After several minutes I realised that I was leaning on one of the items - a post , one of three, planted in the ground outside a computer shop and aptly named sentinels.

At the end of the brain and leg work we all moved on to a local hostelry to compare notes and await Mike’s announcement of the results. To complete the excellent fun event we were all served with sausage and chips in a basket which went down very well after the evening’s exercise.

Thanks very much to Mike for working hard to give us an enjoyable evening’s entertainment.

Geoff Sutton

Please contact Mike by email to let him know if you can join in as he needs to know the number of entrants to arrange the food on

  Walking Treasure Hunt Monday 11th July 2016 - Trowbridge

Start Venue: Multi-Storey Car Park (Free) - Top Floor if dry, Next to Top Floor if wet.

Signing on 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Start: 7:30 pm

Finish in Car Park by 9:30, then move to The Lamb

Sausage & Chips will be served.

Entry fee: £10 for 2 people in a Team: includes Sausage & Chips at The Lamb: if extra members in the same team then £3.50 per member (for food).

Location Details:

Start & Finish of Treasure Hunt at:

The Car Park
St Stephen's Place
Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 8AH

Venue for Results andRelax:

The Lamb, Mortimer St, Trowbridge BA14 8BN

Car Park for The Lamb on the built up traffic island, across from The Lamb.